Long Coat German Shepherds

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Here are a few pics of Koda at the cottage he is such a good pup!  We love him a ton!!! He is extremely protective of Seb he is always by his side and just cries and worries whenever we are swimming.  He is our fluffy goofball!!
-Gen from Ottawa

Sam's ears are up today!  I love him so much and can't get over how smart he is!   He is really becoming a very handsome boy. We have become extremely close in a relatively short period of time.
Thanks for everything!

This is Chelsa white from Lethbridge, alberta . We received Apollo from you about 2 years ago. He is doing wonderful and is a beautiful dog with a great personality. We are looking into getting another puppy and were wondering if you had any upcoming litters available. (If it's possible would there be any from Apollo's parents?)  Again we would be looking into getting a big male with a similar docile personality. Thank you so much for your time.