Long Coat German Shepherds

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Shanti vom Zisawinkel


Female German shepherds will be a little more streamlined, more feminine but not much smaller than the males because our females are a lot larger then average males in Canada. The size of our dogs could only be appreciated on site visit and once you come you could see the difference.
Female German shepherds can be more protective of their families. This could make them very protective of your children and other pets in the household. Also females are easier to train and do not try to be the leader of the pack and rule over the household.
EVA vom Zisawinkel
SIRE: VEGAS du Hunt Mansard
DAM: GINA vom Zisawinkel
Imported from Germany

Sire is a 2 time world champion.
Dam is a 1 time World champion.

Amy vom Helfer Land

Amy vom Helfer Land:
SIRE: Ober von Bad-Boll
DAM: Kurina von der Urbecke
Imported From Germany

Sire Is a World champion.